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Visitor's Comments - 2013

Your comments on Sports Coach

To help me develop and maintain the Sports Coach website, your comments on its content are essential. You can send me your comments by visiting the Visitor's Feedback page.

Comments received

The following are some of the comments I received in 2013 from visitors to Sports Coach which reflect their views on the content and usefulness of the Sports Coach website. To view comments from previous years, please select the appropriate year tag below.

Mr Mick Mockler - Ireland - Athletics Coach & Official
Comments - I have been dipping in and out of the site for the last two years looking for references and any help I can find. I find it excellent for this purpose, not having great knowledge of athletics training myself. Currently putting together, a programme for some club athletes and felt the need to comment. I have also recommended this site to some club parent's/coaches to use for reference. All I could hope for the site is to keep it updated and well done with the website. When it is all in black and white, there is just so much, as a colleague once said, Ignorance was bliss!

Miss Curthoys - Australia - Swimming Competitor
Comments - I would like to say - Thank you, Brian Mac, Sports Coach, I would never have been able to complete Year 12 HPE at such a high standard without the help of your very informative website. I used information from this site in all assessment pieces I have completed so far in my final year of schooling. The information I found was detailed but made sense and helped me. You will be pleased to know that I have also correctly sited all information from this your website and will be recommending it to my PE teacher. Thank you again!

Mr Donny Bell - Australia - Rugby Official
Comments - I have just been appointed the job as a trainer of the rugby league referees and writing a training program was a daunting assignment. I initially found it challenging to provide enough variety to keep it interesting, while also struggling to find exercises beneficial to referees, however stumbling on your site has been an absolute godsend. I thank you sincerely for the work you have done.

Mrs Tracey McCormick - United Kingdom - Road Running Competitor
Comments - This website is excellent. You have such a vast amount of information. I have found it extremely helpful with my studies on Health and Fitness over recent years.

Mr T - Austria - Cross Country Competitor
Comments - I love this website. The scientific citations make the articles trustworthy, and the abundance of tips answers almost every question I have. Thank you.

Mr Michael - USA - Coach
Comments - Thank you for such amazing content on the website. Very easy to find what you are looking for.

Mrs Andrea - USA - Triathlon Competitor
Comments - I love your website! You have everything a competitor and coach could need right here from nutrition, training, to psychology. I think it is great! It has helped me with my strength and conditioning classes I am in. Thanks so much for bringing it all together.

Mrs Jenna Gilbert - Zimbabwe - Athletics Coach
Comments - Thank you so much for such an insightful website. I live in Zimbabwe and am currently doing an English sports coaching course online to live in the UK. I have found so much information on your site that is well laid out and easy to find and follow. All the best for the future.

Mr Mark Methven - United Kingdom - Badminton Coach
Comments - I have used your site for a few years now, and I consider it the best I have found anywhere. I am an ex-National Badminton Coach of Portugal, Ireland and England and regularly visit your site for information. Please feel free to quote this if it helps at all as the site has certainly helped me.

Mr Srod - Denmark - Soccer Coach & Competitor
Comments - I think that is one of the best sites I have ever visited for sports information about each kind of sports, especially Soccer. I want to say thank you so much for helping me and providing information about all that I needed.

Mr Longopoa - New Zealand - Athletics Competitor
Comments - Amazing, cannot get enough of it.

Mr Arnold - Australia - Athletics Competitor
Comments - Great site with some good information, programs etc. I am a 55-year-old long-distance runner with some sprinting background out of UK originally, living in Australia for the last 20 years. Due to my past injuries, trying to get back to masters' sprints in a controlled way, starting weights and conditioning. The best site on the net, keep up the excellent work.

Mr Michael - Canada - Cycling Competitor
Comments - Wow, wow you have the Bible on the web, for the whole world looks to you for what you have done. I have been going through your website page by page non-stop for the past two years every night. Training, designing programs, again & again trying different things, for myself go back to square one when things don't work & try a different angle. Am very big on HIT sequences, combining cycling with dumbbells. I have been using dumbbells, for past 30-years, going back to aerobic dancing teaching classes; Now combining it with my mountain bike & Carbon fibre road bike. You web stats are most amazing looking At Alexa.

Ms Gaynor Hutchison - United Kingdom - Archery Coach & Competitor
Comments - I am at present working on my level 4 archery coaching award. The information you have put on your site has been helping me with my research and assignments. I like the way it is written in a clear format. I cannot think of any improvements apart from please keep working on it and keep it up to date. It is a handy tool not only for me but for the people I am coaching. Thank you.

Ms Sales - Canada - Athletics Competitor
Comments - This is the best website I have ever visited. I am currently a Kinesiology student at the University of Calgary, and I want to make the track and field team for sprints in the fall. I stumbled across this website searching for how to train for sprints, and I have been following the training program since and have seen big improvements. I love how many things on this website are physiologically based but in a way that is understandable to the average person. I have told a ton of people about this website who have found it amazing, including my boyfriend on the London 2012 team for track and field. Thank you for providing such a great website. Keep it up.

Mrs Lucy Beg - United Kingdom - Gymnastics Coach & Competitor
Comments -Just wanted to say thanks for the site. I am an L3 trampoline coach (though I tend to lean towards the recreational over the competitive side) and I am studying for a sports science degree with MMU. Being a distance student, you can sometimes feel a bit cut off and not really in a position to ask quick questions of tutors or fellow students and on more than one occasion over the last year or so I have found the answers I needed right here.

Mr Dominic Caspar - United Kingdom - Free Diving Competitor
Comments - Absolutely fantastic site. The amount of information is simply mind-blowing. I will use the information to construct a new training regime for my next freediving competition (training includes running, swimming and weight lifting). Thank you.

Mr Felipo - Canada - Boxing Coach & Competitor
Comments - I just wanted to say that I find this website a comprehensive and informed resource. I will use it to supplement my knowledge and refresh aspects of coaching and training that I haven't addressed recently. Great resource. Thanks for putting it together!!

Mr A. - United Kingdom - Weight Lifting
Comments - For me, the site has given me a great insight into the energy I should be putting into my system. An eye-opener at times and 'food for thought'. Looking forward to putting this information into practice for myself and my already gorgeous wife. Thanks for the calorie.xls, these downloads I appreciate.

Mr A.D. - West Africa - Road running Competitor
Comments - It is just great!!! I like it! The fartlek section is impressive. The content is clear and concise. Thank you for providing this excellent resource.

Miss Fitzpatrick - Australia - Athletic Competitor
Comments - I loved the section on this site about javelin, as I look to improve my abilities further in this sport. I found the website incredibly helpful and an excellent place to start my training. Thank you so much for this brilliant website.

Mr Rijckar - Indonesia - Athletics Coach
Comments: This is a great website. Will give our information for enhances an athlete's performance. Thanks for brianmac.

Mr Martin Hallren - USA - Swimming Competitor
Comments - I just checked out your glute strengthening to prevent piriformis pain. You had some great exercises - very well researched site. Thanks a bunch.

Mr Kieran Doyle - United Kingdom - Boxing Coach & Competitor
Comments - This is the best website I have ever clicked on, I have just passed my level 3 PT, and this site has helped me out BIG TIME! I want to say thank you for the available information. It is so easy to understand just a quick one from me, keep the good work up. Thank you

Mr Dermot Mcdonnell - Ireland - Martial Arts Coach & Competitor
Comments - New to the site find it very helpful in studying exercise and fitness.

Miss Lizl de Villiers - South Africa - Ultra distance Competitor
Comments - Very informative and helpful - especially when looking for info on events for my children that I know nothing about (especially field events like the javelin!) I recommend this site to all parents and even teachers at school. I would like to see more junior specific training tips and programs for middle distances.

Mr Knights - United Kingdom - Cycling Competitor
Comments - Excellent. Your advice on heart rate training zones has been precious to me. I don't compete, but I do like to train in the right zone whether l am on my turbo mag trainer indoors or a cycle ride. The benefits have been amazing since reading your article. Now I spend the majority of my time in the aerobic zone. Many thanks.

Mr Wake - United Kingdom - Boxing Coach
Comments - Can I say I think your site is brilliant as a one-stop resource, pretty much most things are on there. Many thanks for such a good website!

Mr Nick Galligan - Egypt - Weight Lifting Competitor
Comments - I believe that it is quite immaculate, this page gives such vital information into VO2 Max please consistently email me with regular updates.

Mr Moruf Yusuf - United Kingdom - Tennis Coach & Competitor
Comments - It was very educative and educated me on other sports and types of different training during my session.

Ms Anita Aslam Imdad - Pakistan - Competitor
Comments - I am a Physical Educationist. I have done Masters in Science of Health & Physical Education from University of Karachi, Pakistan. I am also teaching in the same field. I found this website very informative & what I feel it contains almost all the topics one need to study. Thank you.

Mr Peter Robinson - United Kingdom - Triathlon Competitor
Comments - I do not think it could be improved. It has provided me with a great deal of useful data which I have needed but could not get elsewhere in such a precise way. All information regarding resting heart rates and training/racing ones is crucial when you reach my age.

Mr Duffin - United Kingdom - Ballroom and Latin Dancing - Coach & Official
Comments - Lovely website and beneficial. We are involved with competitive Ballroom and Latin dancing it may be worth adding this to your list of sports.