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Visitor's Comments - 2011

Your comments on Sports Coach

To help me develop and maintain the Sports Coach website, your comments on its content are essential. You can send me your comments by visiting the Visitor's Feedback page.

Comments received

The following are some of the comments I received in 2011 from visitors to Sports Coach which reflect their views on the content and usefulness of the Sports Coach website. To view comments from other years, please select the appropriate year tag below.

Mr Paul Bailey - United Kingdom - Cross country Coach and Competitor
Comments - I am a middle distance/endurance coach with Harlow AC (U11 to U15). When I did my UKA Level 1 coaches course you delivered the course. I think this website is excellent. I get lots of info from it. Especially things like circuit training and core stability work etc. Many Thanks

Mr Hayden - New Zealand - Soccer Coach and Competitor
Comments - This website is exceptional. With information on various sports and information on nutritional, training and LTAD, I found it hugely valuable. Awesome job.

J Haines - United Kingdom - Athletics Coach & Competitor & Official
Comments - Brian, the whole website, is brilliant! The information is easy to FIND and is not hidden in some intellectual language to make the producer feel special! It is coherent, understandable and HELPS PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THE SUBJECT MATTER! British Athletics fail to do this! They should employ you full time (on a big salary) to sort out there website, were you cannot find anything!!!! Thanks, Brian

Mr S. Rao - India - Weight Lifting Coach
Comments - Dear Coach, it is a fantastic website that you have here & I cannot even imagine the amount of work, time & effort you must have spent to bring this mountain of information to coaches like me around the world. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. I use bodybyte software currently to do some of the testing etc. on my athletes & that has links to 3 websites for testing assistance. Your website beats the rest by leaps & bounds. I would devour the information you have so kindly given here free of cost. I remember being a member of Peak Performance a long time back. Overall, its content of the highest quality.

Mr S.Rajeshkannan - India - Coach
Comments - First, I would like to thank this website. I am a Ph.D., Scholar in Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University, Coimbatore and working as a physical director in K.G. College of Health Sciences, K.G. Hospital and Post Graduate medical institute, saravanampatti, Coimbatore, TamilNadu, India. If we don't know about the basic or advanced training, we don't worry as will teach us every nook and corner of the training. The information provided we cannot get anywhere else, and it includes references. You are doing a great job.

Mr Hof - Switzerland - Martial Arts Competitor
Comments - Was here before (2007) and full of praise then; l am back now, and nothing has changed in my appreciation - this site is still a thing of beauty. I am promoting it wherever/whenever I can. Thank you, and keep going.

Mr James Williams - United Kingdom - Competitor
Comments - Excellent site, beneficial and down to earth.

Mr William Palese - USA - Competitor
Comments - I learned so much from this website about weight training, especially the ladder training which l am trying out. From what I have read and seen on the internet, I feel that l will excel tremendously from this training. Thank you so much for your website.

Ms Rachel Sanchez - USA - Road Running Competitor
Comments - I found your website as I was looking for information on improving my marathon times and dealing with injuries. Thank you for the valuable information, glad I don't have to buy twenty books to get it all in one place.

Mrs Aysel Pehlivan - Turkey - Competitor & Official
Comments - I am a professor in Sports Science School in Istanbul, Turkey. I am giving a lecture about ergogenic aids. This page is helping me to check about a new supplement and aids in practice. Thank you very much, and congratulations.

Mr Andrew Flaws - USA - Athletics Coach & Competitor
Comments - This website has helped me out in and out of the classroom. It has allowed me to find every piece of information that I need to complete it promptly. I have already recommended to a few of my co-workers.

Mr Jim Harshaw - USA - Coach
Comments - Coach Mackenzie, I stumbled across your website earlier today. Great content! I have clicked all around and keep finding more and more resources. Thanks for putting it all out there.

Mr S. Fitzgibbon - Ireland - Martial Arts Coach & Competitor
Comments - Outstanding website. I have a few of your books through SIB site. This site is a great additional resource. Well done.

Mr Pratt - USA - Athletics Competitor
Comments - Thank you so much! The diversity and detail on this website are fantastic. This is amazing, and your effort is helping my entire team and me.

Mr Arash Alavitabar - Iran - Martial Arts Coach & Official
Comments - It is beneficial and scientific. Please, more focus on martial arts.

Mr Vipul - India - Athletics Competitor
Comments - You give me advice, and I can prove myself in the games - thank you

Miss A Donehue - Australia - Netball Competitor
Comments - This site is FANTASTIC!!! It is so easy to interpret and to gather information. This has helped me with my school assessment on the javelin, and I want to thank you for making this site and how you have done it. It has so much valid and vital information. You cover all aspects of sports. This would have to be the best site for information I have ever seen in my five years of high school. Thanks.

Mr Mark Farrugia - Malta - Weight Lifting Competitor
Comments - An excellent site, full of beneficial information and a must for novice and advanced athletes. Answered all the questions I have built up over time about strength training and endurance. I am recommending this site to others!

Miss R. Brown - United Kingdom - Cross country - Competitor
Comments - Handy website, so glad I found it. I use it all the time for advice and help with my running as I want to progress in my running, and I don't belong to a club or have a coach of my own.

Mr Amit M Sharma - India
Comments - I am applying for my ISSA Specialist in Strength and Conditioning examination, and I wanted to thank you for the excellent website you have here. Due to severe limitations of resources here in India, I needed reliable sources on the internet to do my research, and your site was a frequent reference point for me. Thank you for all your help!

Ms Vanessa Loggins - United Kingdom
Comments - I wanted to thank you for all the detailed and useful information on your website. Most of the coaching websites I have visited don't offer your explanations of the energy systems in the body and sports nutrition. Every time I search on specific running related information, I can find it in incredible detail on your site. Thanks again for providing a valuable resource

Mrs Sharon R. Patterson, USA, Competitor
Comments - Thanks for your Super Sports site, very complete, informative, and most of all, helpful for the overall subject of sports in general. Super-Duper ... A+++++

Mrs Daniella - United Kingdom
Comments: Your plyometrics and complex training pages were what I needed. It is easy to get trapped in the strength and speed training and hard to get to the next level. For your records, I play squash, spin, gym, fence, kickbox, and do archery. I also do sailing and snowboarding and hope to take up windsurfing. So I needed a new idea and progression. Thank you VERY much

Mr Eric Diaz - USA
Comments - Started weight training at age 50 to maintain strength and fitness. The best information I found was on this site. Thank you.

Mrs A. Gibson - New Zealand - Competitor
Comments - I have enjoyed being able to refer to your website on occasion for my sport. Thanks very much, and thanks for putting the reference identification on the pages.

Mr Joost - Australia - Coach & Competitor
Comments - Great site, use it as a resource for my HS PE classes. Thank you for providing so much valuable information.

Mr Andy Schneit - USA - Triathlon Competitor
Comments - I started circuit training in about 1998 after reading and applying Owen Anderson's circuit training routine, doing 2 - 3 circuits per workout to complement to triathlon training, including one workout/week in season. Result: improved times, no injuries, and fearlessness. No race held any fear for me, compared with the workouts.

Mr Bill - Canada - Cross country Competitor
Comments - I found this extremely helpful. I am training for a big race this season, but my coach has moved away, so I decided to try this website. I found all the information helpful, concise and very specific towards my current situation. Thanks a lot.

Miss V Kunia - New Zealand - Soccer Competitor
Comments - I am doing a school project, and I thought this website was brilliant and gave me most (if not all) the information needed! Thank you!

Mr Steve Cranston, United Kingdom, Boxing Coach
Comments - A Really, Faultless site. As a level 4 ABA boxing coach, I recommend your website regularly to coaches when l am delivering Level 1 and Level 2 coaching courses. I always get excellent feedback from course candidates. I find it such a complete coaching reference. As the boxing academy coach at Gateshead College, I recommend your site to other coaches from other sporting disciplines within the coaching staff. Keep up the excellent work. Each time I open your website, I find something new to add to my coaching knowledge.

Mr Barrett - USA - Soccer Coach & Competitor
Comments - I searched for a motor learning term, and it led me to this website. This is the most comprehensive website I have seen for anything sports, absolutely outstanding. I cannot believe the amount of information contained here. Thank you for your time and willingness to share your wealth of knowledge. Again many thanks for an excellent website, and there is nothing I see for you to improve the website.

Mr Keith James - USA - Athletics Coach
Comments - I am returning to coaching high school sprinters after a 14-year layoff. Your website will quickly become an invaluable resource for me. Excellent content. It will help me re-establish myself as a competent coach and thus benefit my athletes.

Mr Banda - Malawi - Soccer Coach & Competitor
Comments - I have enjoyed the website, and it has made a lot of issues much easier to understand. I am involved with the Malawi national team football and netball as a performance coach, and I am so excited about sharing and trying out what I learnt, and I have been reminded about some key areas.

Mr Walker - Canada -Ice Hockey Competitor
Comments - What an excellent site you have here, with obviously authoritative articles. Thanks.

Ms Stacy - USA - Weight Lifting Coach & Competitor
Comments - I like this site. The information is thorough and well laid out. I have Facebooked your site and referred it to friends. Thanks.

Ms Tina - Australia - Competitor
Comments - What an excellent website. It is well put together with relevant information and references. Thank you.