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Visitor's Comments - 2015

Your comments on Sports Coach

To help me develop and maintain the Sports Coach website, your comments on its content are essential. You can send me your comments by visiting the Visitor's Feedback page.

Comments received

The following are some of the comments I received in 2015 from visitors to Sports Coach which reflect their views on the content and usefulness of the Sports Coach website. To view comments from previous years, please select the appropriate year tag below.

Mr Milan Fistonich - New Zealand - Martial Arts Competitor
Comments - Amazing website! Has helped me to understand how to make my fitness program. Thank you for making this.

Mr Punit - India- Swimming Competitor
Comments - Awesome! Simply Awesome. Congratulations for posting such insightful information on the site. I have been googling about "Lactic acid" and found your website; it is somewhat technical for me. I like the way you tried to explain it in straightforward terms as far as possible and also giving references to the latest research articles, which is lovely. I also learned about different HR and Zones, the zones in % defined on your website, I think is related to something which we have in swimming which is en1 en2 en3 sp1 sp2 sp3 (endurance zone and speed zone). I already bookmarked your site, and I hope that you continue the GOOD work. And all this information is for free and in layman's understandable language! GREAT JOB!!! I am not very wealthy but wish to help if I may to the best of my strength.

Mr Alan Shields - Australia - Weight Lifting Coach
Comments - I am, in an unusual case, impressed. The site is comprehensive and user-friendly. Having an undergraduate degree in Ex Phys, this is a great place to refresh knowledge, and in far better a format than any university has ever shown me. Now my 'first stop' and in most cases, only stop.

Mr Cain - United Kingdom - Triathlon Coach
Comments - Excellent quality trustworthy content - I find it a useful reference when doing training plans - and I like the simple website design as well.

Mr kamal padma kumara - Sri Lanka - Athletics Coach
Comments -Your website is excellent - good luck and all the best.

Mr D. Boopathy - India - Gymnastics Coach
Comments - It is informative in helping me to teach the students to use the scientific way of your training methods. I have learned many things by reading your articles. At present, I was working as a physical director in arts and science college in India, Tamilnadu. We are running a physical education department at my college under my guidance. I have given your website id to my physical education students to learn many training methods. Thank you so much for your effort.

Mr Matheus Trinca - Brazil - Athletics Competitor
Comments - Great Site, helps me a lot, thank you very much for the work.

Mr Muhammad Habib Jarral - Pakistan - Cricket Coach
Comments - I visit your website by chance - No one tells me about this site earlier, but it is a fantastic site to learn about fitness fundamentals to the latest research, now I am a regular visitor of it. Thank you.

Mr Lalruatliana Sailo - India - Soccer Coach
Comments - The information I read in your articles helps me a lot, and I hope to read more articles with more relevant information to guide me in this modern football game. Thanks a lot.

Mr Keith James - USA - Athletics Coach
Comments - Coach Mackenzie. I contacted you in 2011 after discovering your website. Since then, this has become my "go to" resource for developing workouts for my kids. I like the way the site is laid out. The material is helpful and informative. I coach high school sprinters and hurdlers in a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona. This season we're experiencing success from freshman to varsity level athletes. The information you provide here has helped me dial in my training program. THANK YOU!

Mr Alex Marcano - Venezuela - Road Running Competitor
Comments - I think this is a fantastic website. I consider it high-level information. I am studying with all the information that you share. I just can say THANK YOU, and I am getting better.

Mr Fabrizio Lepore -Italy - Athletics Coach & Competitor
Comments - The site is very well done, complete and detailed. I am a coach, and I found a lot of valuable information. Thanks

Mr Roberto Iannella - United Kingdom - Soccer Coach & Competitor
Comments - Can I give this an 11/10?

Mr Alex Freeman - USA Football (USA)Coach
Comments - Wow. I am completely blown away by this site.  I am a Kinesiology major with a focus in exercise and human performance and want to make my way as a strength and conditioning coach.  Everything on this website is fantastic, with great detail and professionalism.  The only part that is a little disappointing is that there is no section on professional development! I understand that this is a website focused primarily on the athletic training side, but I would LOVE to see a section dedicated to how one can plan and develop their career.  Covering topics like certification processes, schooling, continuing education, and how to progress into the coaching world would be an outstanding complement to this already great website.  Thank you for providing this reference and giving back to the community.  Keep up the great work!

Miss Maggie - Australia -Athletics Competitor
Comments: Such a useful resource and excellent advice on this site guys, I use it religiously!!!  Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge

Mr  Eric  Simpson - United Kingdom - Athletics - Coach & Competitor
Comments: Hope you are keeping well. Still popping into your website regularly and recommending it to young coaches who want to learn. This is a first class site providing the ongoing potential for developing and mature athletes and their coaches.

Susan Wilson - UK - Student
Comments - I am a student at the University of Birmingham and just wanted to say your article on psychological skills training helped me out massively with one of my essays, it was excellent, so thank you!

Mr Ooleti - India - Weight Lifting Coach
Comments: It has terrific information, those already practising fitness at all ages.

Mr H. Neethling - South Africa - Athletics Coach
Comments - This is the best all in one website. I do not have enough words to describe it. Can you please provide weight in kilograms in your calculators also? Thank you for the best.

Mrs Biemond - South Africa - Athletics Coach
Comments - A big thank you. I am a newbie primary school coach and appreciate the wealth of information.

Mr Overy - United Kingdom - Competitor
Comments - This website was excellent when I needed information on plyometric training. I would recommend this website.