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Visitor's Comments - 2016

Your comments on Sports Coach

To help me develop and maintain the Sports Coach website, your comments on its content are essential. You can send me your comments by visiting the Visitor's Feedback page.

Comments received

The following are some of the comments I received in 2016 from visitors to Sports Coach which reflect their views on the content and usefulness of the Sports Coach website. To view comments from previous years, please select the appropriate year tag below.

Mr Jay Shaffer - USA - Road Running Competitor
Comments - Great web site! Thank you! I use your website to calculate my VO2 max from several different sets of data and mirabile dictu; they all come out the same. I have a Polar unit that does the calculation based on heart rate variability -- it matches as well. Your scholarship and effort in assembling, maintaining and updating the website is a gift to everyone concerned with achieving and maintaining fitness the world over. You have the foresight and wit to preserve the historical perspective showing the changes that new information and better measures reflect. I wish you continuing success and all the best.

Ms M. Fincer - England - Editor & Writer
Comments - I am Marie, from where I work as an Editor and Writer. My recent piece of writing is called "The Unrivalled Guide to Developing Effective Communication Skills", and I even created a simple quiz. While making my 8000+ word blog post, I found a lot of useful information in your article "Communication Skills". Based on it, I extended my guide with some interesting thoughts inspired by your article! I wanted to say thanks and give you a heads up, as it might be worth a mention in your post or on your social network. Keep up the excellent work!

Mr Chris Tidwell - USA - Cycling Competitor
Comments - Thank you very much for providing such amazing and concise information. I am a physician and have rededicated myself to fitness. You have provided a wealth of information on how to properly go about the job of getting fit and achieving reasonable and sustainable goals. Well done again and many thanks.

Mrs George, Australia, Road running Competitor
Comments - Absolutely awesome information. Better than Runner's World advice. The only thing is I couldn't share it on Facebook. No button to link/post it. Maybe you could have a button that allows posting to Facebook to share your brilliant content.

Mr Sayuti Syahara - Indonesia - Martial Arts Official
Comments - Your sports coach is very helpful for me to understand more about the science of sport. It is also a lot of information not only for athletes and coach but also for my sports students. If you don't mind, I'd like to know more about setting up a training program for Karate. Thanks again for your information

Mr Rob Keyes - United Kingdom - Martial Arts Competitor
Comments - My background is in Crossfit and Taekwondo and I have been searching (for some time now) for a site to understand the correlation between how the heart works and how to improve/train better. This is a fabulous website and the only one I have found which gives clarity to the improvement of sports performance. Well done and thank you!

Mr Turchyn - Canada - Competitor
Comments - I wanted to compliment you on your succinct article about types of muscle tissue - because of its' concrete realization of the practice to an athlete - science I can understand with summaries in terms of my workout. Beautiful.

Miss Michelle Smith - United Kingdom - Coach & Competitor
Comments - I love your website. It has got me through my degree! Keep up the great work!

Dr Shivaji Suryawanshi - India - Coach
Comments - This Sports Coach website is very well designed and very useful for coaches, researchers, and sports teachers to collect their athlete's data according to conducted test and easy to analyse them in a given chart on your webpage. It gets easy to calculate the data on presented tables and converter of result regarding the test. It is a useful site for the researcher in the sports field. I highly appreciate the Coach website.

Mr Rob McGuire - USA - Competitor
Comments - Your explanation and recommendations on fixing Piriformis Syndrome are dead on. Very well done. Thank you. Rob McGuire

Mr Kieran Moroney - United Kingdom - Rugby Competitor
Comments - I am learning about VO2max/endurance etc. ready to go to university. I researched and kept coming up with your website, which is brilliant and has helped me get ahead of Uni's others. I have learnt lots of technical stuff. However, no matter what research I do, I cannot find anyone who can explain what some scores stand for or mean. Details of scores such as - distance covered were 9.6% (N = 29) and (1059 ± 35 vs 771 ± 26 m). It would be great in one of your pages you could explain what these results mean so that complete novices can also understand what these results mean especially the plus-minus symbol.

Mr Kishan - India - Ultra distance - Competitor
Comments - I went through this website and must say, it is by far the most comprehensive resource I have come across. I am a strong advocate of movement among children and looking to start a program with a few young kids here in New Delhi, India (including my 13-month-old son). The information on this site is helpful.

Mr Michael Thorne - United Kingdom - Triathlon Coach & Competitor
Comments - Brian I think this website is fantastic. The range of content across some many sports in one place, l am not sure anyone else is doing it.

Mr Steven Leland - USA - Canoeing - Competitor
Comments - Your presentation regarding gluteal health far exceeded that of my physical therapist. Thank you for being a true educator.

Mr M Spain - United Kingdom - Athletics Coach & Competitor
Comments - An excellent site full of great tips. A bit sparse for Northern Ireland and maybe a few videos but I am just scratching the surface of this site, and for me it is superb.

Mr Simpson - United Kingdom - Athletics Coach
Comments - Long-time not been in touch but still loving your website. I am starting a five-week course for beginner coaches next week. Coaches who have been given a wee bit of paper and let loose on the young athletic population with no back up so no change there. I am going as I always do recommend your site. I along with a few other coaches up here, notably Bill Walker don't exist as we are led into a Brave New World of technology and academia. I hope you are keeping well and keep up the excellent work. U.K.A. Level 4 Performance Coach.

Miss Simmons - Australia - Competitor
Comments - Fantastic website, always come here for my Physical Education assignments, it provides excellent information in good detail.

Mr D. Boopathy - India - Gymnastics Coach
Comments - It was very informative, and it was helping me teach the students to use the scientific way of your training methods. I have learned many things by reading your articles. At present, I worked as a physical director in arts and science college in India, Tamilnadu. We are running a physical education department at my college under my guidance. I have given your website id to my physical education students to learn many training methods. Thank you so much for your effort.

Mr Filipe Teixeira - Portugal - Soccer Official
Comments -This site is one of the best I have seen in the area. I recently started to work in a soccer club as a sport psychologist, and I was always trying to find tests and articles to justify my interventions. This website will help me a lot to collect some ideas and some evaluations. Congratulations on your work.

Mr Edmund Yaw Awuku - Athletics Coach
Comments - Very impressive. But would have been better if we can get some testimonies from seasoned athletes who have used your program.

Mr Bijan - Iran - Athletics Coach
Comments - The Sports Coach website's content is at the highest completion, and all-rounded items will respond ideally to the coach's needs. I have gained very much. Thanks a lot.